What do you achieve by installing CMS Master online website builder?
A more efficient way to publish and edit printed materials;
Much easier workflow for content creators and managers;
Increased productivity of work;

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Create polished and effective content – let your content managers focus ONLY on content;
Update your website content dynamically anywhere you have online access to the site;
Integrate all services your site offers into the CMS – CMS Master online website builder supports form-to-mail, shopping cart, articles, news, links modules etc;

Experience the benefits of the point-and-click interface that requires no programming knowledge or end-user training;
Decentralized authoring tool for multiple content creators.
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Real benefits!

Automate and streamline authoring process;
Extremely affordable solution for any budget;
Reduce costs and time you spend on content updates;
Manage huge volumes of information (images, text, files etc);
Browser-based system that requires only online access to operate;

CMS Master online website builder is a turnkey package, no extra configuration required; you can run the CMS immediately after installation;

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Flexible licensing policy;
Full customer support guaranteed.