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I highly recommend CMS-Master as a product and in Particular Interestudio as a company. I have now worked with and used CMS-Master for 5 months, and Conkurent has helped me with several projects for my customers. I have worked with several CMS systems in the past, both very complex, expensive and some simple and inexpensive. And CMS-Master certainly belongs in the last category, Simple and Cheap. But it delivers more than any other simple CMS system I have dealt with. Not only that, Conkurent has proved to be a competent and thrust worthy partner for my web projects. To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect in the beginning. Was it a good idea to thrust a company that I didn’t know, and only could contact through MSN Messenger. Would my projects be finished on time, and when I paid, could I then thrust them to finish the projects? And fortunately, all my worries have been groundless.
Last but not least, CMS-Master can be fully customized to your needs. So if you need a special module, just ask them.

Dennis B. Blynov

Thank you for creating an efficient, state-of-the-art content management system for my site. Your CMS Master opened a completely new world for me to better manage my site content. You suggested a brand new tool and whats impressive – at a low price. Besides, I appreciate your timely after-sale support. Thank you again for your wonderful work!

Benjamin Frank

Your support department was especially helpful with setup and installation process. They helped to solve all my tasks. I would highly recommend your product to anyone looking for a complete site builder. CMS Master exceeded all my expectations. Looking forward to see new updates of your CMS!

Pamela Jansen

Its fantastic how your content management system helped me improve my site in many ways! No more outdated and duplicated information. My site has a complex navigation structure with heavy cross-linking now I can update it, add new pages, and optimize linking in no time! Thank you for this wonderful tool!

Paul Samuelson

Your support team helped me implement CMS to my existing site. Youve always been quick to response to all my needs. I was very impressed by your comprehensive support service! Now I can save my money by doing all content updates myself.

Sheryl Edwards