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Our licensing policy

Thank you for choosing to buy CMS Master! We hope that you will enjoy our product.

CMS Master is priced according to the chart below. Our volume licensing policy provides volume pricing for customers who purchase two and more software licenses.
Before making the purchase, please make sure your hosting meets CMS Master requirements:

Unix-based OS
Apache webserver
PHP 4.x
write access right to .htaccess file
Top-level domain name (e.g. http://yoursite.com)
Apache module mod_rewrite

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Product name Price Buy It
CMS Master. Single license.
By purchasing a Single License you are entitled to install it on a single domain. The cost of the Single License includes free installation, configuration and support. For every additional domain you will need to purchase Additional License.
€ 129.95
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CMS Master. Additional license.
If you want to install CMS Master on several domains, you need to purchase additional domain licenses. A license must be purchased for EACH domain the software will be installed on. Additional License can be acquired only after purchasing a Single License.
€ 89.95
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CMS-Master custom template design.
CMS-Master custom template design. We provide custom template design services to match your individual requirements. If you need a custom template designed, please submit a detailed outline to support@cms-master.com.
€ 150.00
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On this page you can complete the ordering process. First you will need to choose the type of license for your business. CMS Master is sold on a per-domain license agreement. The more licenses you purchase, the less is the price per each license. Learn more about license options below:

Single License
This type of license allows you to use CMS Master only on one domain. If you need to install the CMS on 2 or more sites, you need to purchase the appropriate number of licenses, equal to the number of domains.
Two licenses and more
This type of license allows you to use CMS Master on multiple domains, depending on the number of purchased licenses.

Comments & Complaints

If you have any suggestions, complaints or comments about our service, please do not hesitate to contact us via email. We welcome your contribution, because it enables us to work more effectively and constantly improve our service. You will receive a reply from our competent staff within 2 working days. If we cannot resolve the problem immediately, we will inform you of the steps we undertake to find the right solution for your business. Our company is committed to bring the quality of our service to the highest level.