Our services include script installation, customization, extensions, modules, upgrades, documentation, and consultations. We provide the whole range of services you can expect from software vendors, but at a very affordable price. Learn more about our service options below.


The goal of our company is to supply our customers with the entire complex of services and technical support throughout the product lifecycle. If you want to buy CMS Master, but you have little or no experience installing software, we will perform professional CMS installation and configuration for you FREE of charge!

Standard script installation is FREE of charge. Please send us an email request with the following information:
Contact information
first name, last name, email, instant messenger contact (ICQ, MSN, if available)
Installation information
web site URL, FTP access parameters (ftp address, username, password, server type), information for access to your database (DB server, DB name)
Additional comments and preferences
If you require prior consultation from our support team, do not hesitate to contact us!


CMS Master was designed as a universal feature-packed tool for content management. Yet business goals vary from customer to customer, and it is possible that you may need specific to your own tasks functionality, e.g. custom modules or templates, advanced script configuration, moving your existing site to a new CMS. In any case we will be pleased to perform the customization service for you so that CMS Master fits your personal business needs in the best way!

Contact us for customization service (please give the best detailed description possible).

Other services

We, the developers of CMS Master, offer our customers a wide range of services, including but not limited to custom software development, product support, programming, professional consultations and maintenance services. We can provide reliable cost-effective solutions at any stage of your project. Only skilled programmers, knowledgeable managers, effective support personnel will work for you.

Please contact us to arrange custom service for your project!